Camping in Kakheti

Our camping space is located under the Great Caucuses mountains and surrounded by vineyards.  Gremi Village is a historical place, a part of Kakheti Kingdom with numerous sights like monasteries , churches, lord's houses, museums etc. Near the camping space there are supermarkets to buy anything you need. In our camping space we have a beautiful garden, with different kinds of trees, where is a peaceful area for camping. On the place we have also an open kitchen which you can use for cooking. It’s also possible to order masterclasses of Georgian traditional cuisine, and test Georgian home made wines.

Prices for the camp space per night 

For CampVan  35 Gel ( max  2 persons)   for large 

CampVan  45  Gel ( max 3 person) 

For each additional person additional 5 Gel. 

For motorcycles the price is 25 Gel per person

For backpackers & cyclers the price is 20 Gel per person


laundry, gas for cooking , fridge, toilet, shower, electricity for charging. 

Pets are allowing.

                          CONTACT US

Tel: +995 579948895



Address: Gremi Village, Kakheti region, Georgia